An application for student housing can be submitted through our home pages at / application form or by filling in a housing application form available from the office. Leave in your application in good time, i.e. as soon as you are sure that you will need housing. An application is valid from the date of submission and at the most for 1 months from the date from which housing is needed. An application can be renewed by telephone or email. An insufficiently completed application is not processed! Let us know if your housing application is no longer necessary. 

Granting of housing

Housing is granted primarily in the order in which the applications arrive. However, we wish to find a tenant for a vacant flat as soon as possible. An applicant who states in his/her application that he/she will take a flat as soon as one becomes available has a preferential position over a tenant who would take the flat at a later date, such as on 1 September.
Those applicants who wish to live in our flats uninterruptedly throughout their student time have a priority status.


An agreement valid until further notice means that rent must be paid throughout the year. The period of notice is one calendar month. Notice of termination must always be submitted in writing.
A fixed-term agreement means that the agreement is made for a specific period. Fixed-term lease contract cannot be terminated.


The collateral in flats with multiple rooms and in single-room flats is 1.7.22 350 € and in family flats 550 €. The collateral must always be paid before moving in.


Generally the apartments are rented unfurnished. There is wardrobe, ceiling lights and blinds in all apartments. To replace lamps / buying them (including cooker, oven and refrigerator) belongs to the tenant.


All apartments have a fixed Internet connection.


Keeping a pet in the flat always requires a permit, and the permit is only granted for flats with a single room and for family flats. The collateral for a pet/cage (not fish tank) is 150 €.

What does the rent include?

The rent includes electricity, heating, water, and use of shared sauna, shared laundry room and gym


Because of the high number of applicants, this information is only sent to those who have obtained housing.

Cancellations are filled immediately, and there may be cancellations up to approx. one week after the studies have started.



From January 1, 2024, payment notices and collection will be outsourced to OK Perintä Oy, from which one €5 payment reminder will be sent and…