If questions concerning housing come to your mind, please check first whether your question can be found in the frequently asked questions below before contacting the office. 

Who can apply for housing? 

When can I apply for housing? 
Throughout the year. Leave in your application for housing as soon as you know that you will need housing.

For how long is an application valid? 
An application is valid from the date of submission and at the most for 1 month from the last date from which housing is needed. 

Do both spouses of a family that needs housing have to be students? 
No. An applicant does not need to be a student, but students always have priority.

Is housing rented to post-graduate students? 

How can I apply for summer housing? 
You can fill in and submit an application through our Internet pages (most convenient way). If you do not have an Internet connection, you can order an application form by telephone.

Can I live in the same flat with my friend? 
Yes, if the friend’s flat has/will have a vacancy. You can apply for a shared flat with your friend by stating this in the application.

How long can I live in student housing? 
At least a year after the end of the studies, possibly longer. However, this must be agreed upon separately. Student housing is not intended as permanent housing.

What do I do if my application expires? 
Send in a new application.

I forgot my key in the flat. What should I do? 
During office hours, you can lend a spare key from the office without extra charge, or call maintenance man or security company Vartio-Ykköset and ask them to open the door. There is a charge for opening the door; the valid charges can be seen on the notice board.

A bulb in the ceiling light has gone off, does Kotopas change it? 
No. All bulbs (also in the oven, cooker hood and fridge) in the flat must be bought and replaced by the tenant.

Do you check the applicants’ credit details? 
Yes, upon discretion. We do so automatically especially with applicants other than students.

Can I do barbecue on the balcony of the flat? 

I reported a fault but it has not been repaired immediately. Why? 
Faults which impede normal living have priority, other faults are repaired as soon as possible.

The washing machine in the laundry room does not work. What should I do? 
Make sure that: a) power is switched on; b) the door of the washing machine is closed – there should be a click (if there is no click, the washing machine will not start). If this does not help, call the maintenance man. 

I want to install a washing machine of my own. What should I do? 
If your flat is not equipped for a washing machine, ask for permission for installation from the office.

Where can I leave the key when my tenancy finishes? 
Leave the key in a return envelope (available from the office) at the office or, when the office is closed, in the mail box of the office.

We had a great party, but one of the guests punched a hole in the toilet door. What should I do? 
Report the incident to the maintenance man, who will verify (photograph) the hole. The hole will be repaired, or the door will be changed if repair is not an option. The costs of materials and work will be charged from the tenant. 

Can I install a satellite dish on my balcony? 

Can I smoke on the balcony of the flat? 
Yes, but take into account the inconvenience caused to neighbours. It is absolutely prohibited to throw cigarette ends from the balcony.

When will the collateral be refunded to me? 
The collateral will be refunded as soon as possible after moving out, and at the latest by the end of the next month.

What are the main criteria for choosing tenants? 
Housing is primarily granted in the order in which the applications arrive.

Are there freezers in the flats? 
Newer flats have a combined refrigerator-freezer, and they are installed in older flats as the old refrigerators break down. 

The miniature kitchens in 3C houses in Koskisoppi only have a small refrigerator with a freezer box. 

Does waste need to be sorted? 
Yes. Mixed waste goes in a bag of its own, and biological waste goes in a biowaste bag of its own. There are specific containers for both waste types in the waste points.

Can you have pets in the flats? 
A pet can be kept in the single-room flats and family flats, and a pet in these requires a permit. You cannot have a pet in flats with multiple rooms.

What does the rent include? 
The rent includes electricity, water, and use of shared sauna, laundry room and gym. The fixed Internet connection costs 17 € per month.

Notice of termination of tenancy agreement must always be submitted in writing. A tenancy agreement which has been made for a specific period cannot be terminated. The period of notice for a tenancy agreement which is valid until further notice is until the end of the next calendar month.

Do I have to submit a notice of removal? 
If you will live in a single place for more than 3 months, you must submit a statutory notice of removal to the registry office (maistraatti). Notice of removal can be submitted so that you do not move formally to Kotka. Further information from the registry office.

What appendices do I need for the study grant application? 
A copy of the tenancy agreement and of the first bank transfer for rent.

I would like to change flats. What should I do? 
Fill in the application for a change of flats on our Internet pages or at the office. Remember to renew you application each month. The applications go in the queue on the basis of the arrival date.

My tenancy is beginning. Where can I get the key? 
The key can be fetched from the office on weekdays at 9 – 16 (in the summer 15 May – 15 August at 9 – 15). We have no on-call duty for the delivery of keys, which is why keys cannot be made available during evenings and weekends. 

My Internet connection does not work. What should I do? 
1) If you have just moved in, contact the office to check whether the IT socket has been activated. Make sure that the cable is of the correct type (a wrong type of cable is often supplied with new computers). 

2) If the Internet connection “breaks” after you have lived in the flat for some time and you have not told the office that you wish to close your Internet connection, the fault is likely in your own computer (virus, too high protection level, network adapter out of order etc.).



From January 1, 2024, payment notices and collection will be outsourced to OK Perintä Oy, from which one €5 payment reminder will be sent and…