Instructions for moving out

THE FLAT MUST ABSOLUTELY BE SURRENDERED no later than on the last day of the tenancy agreement.

1. Get an envelope for the surrendering of the flat from the office, fill in your contact details and place the key(s) to be returned in the envelope. 

2. Clean your room/flat and the flat-specific storage room carefully! If the flat is not properly cleaned, it will be cleaned to a proper condition by the landlord, and the costs will be deducted from the collateral. Therefore, it is good to agree with your flat mates on cleaning, because if the shared facilities (kitchen, toilet, bathroom, hall and flat-specific sauna) have not been cleaned, the costs will be divided between the tenants of the flat and charged from the collateral of each! At Koskisoppi, there is a waste container on the parking place of houses AE, into which you can take waste. 

3. Return the key of your room / the keys of your flat, provided with a key ring, to the office in a key return envelope. Outside the office hours, you can drop the envelope through the letter drop in the office door. Note! If you want to be present in the inspection carried out open moving out, phone the maintenance man of the building and make an agreement on the time of the inspection (return the key to the maintenance man in the envelope). The tenant must not necessarily be present in the inspection carried out open moving out. 

4. Report your address change to the population register by calling the service number 0203 456 456 at least three days before moving out. 

5. We will charge a penalty of 30 € if you do not follow the instructions for moving out. 


The room/flat must be cleaned well.
" the refrigerator must be melted and its door must be left ajar to prevent mould (disconnect power from the refrigerator by unplugging it from the socket, do not press the switches because they break easily)

" cooker and oven must be cleaned carefully (baking tray, grid)
- make sure to pull the stove out and clean the wall behind it and the floor under it

" toilet, shower and flat-specific sauna must be cleaned properly.

" the balcony must be cleaned

" the windows and blinds must be clean, wash if necessary

" wipe the following with a damp cloth using detergent:
- floors
- doors and doorposts, cupboards and their doors
- light switches
- drawers
- bigger stains on walls

" the tenant must provide the cleaning utensils and detergents.


The collateral is refunded within one month from the end of the tenancy agreement. Before the collateral is refunded, we will verify potential outstanding rents and other charges, interests on arrears as well as matters stated in the report of moving-out inspection (cleaning, repairs, running away). These are invoiced if necessary.


Hourly work 25 €/h

(All prices are approximate)

Hourly work 25 €/h
Internal door (AS, KS houses abcdefg,  Pooki) 50 €
Internal door (KS houses hi, CS, KR) 200 €
Washbasin 60 €
Toilet seat 250 €
Toilet water tank 70 €
Toilet mirror 20 €
Glass shelf in refrigerator 20 €
Fire alarm 25 €

Exec and Sento key 50€, iloq-key 60€+ 105€ lost key removal
Other damage at hourly rate + materials


Emptying of storage room 25 € + potential waste charges