Regulations for housing

1 § The tenant shall pay the collateral to the bank account provided before obtaining housing. The collateral is used of ensuring that the tenant fulfils the obligations prescribed in the tenancy agreement and housing regulations. The collateral will be refunded within one month from the termination of the tenancy agreement without interest. 

2 § When moving into the house, the tenant must submit the notice of removal immediately. 

3 § The tenant must not surrender the room/apartment to another person even temporarily under the threat of cancellation of the tenancy agreement. 

4 § The tenant is responsible for his/her visitors. Causing disturbance to the other persons living in the house is absolutely prohibited. Between 21.00 and 7.00 in particular, loud noises and other disturbance must be avoided. 

5 § The movable property owned by the real estate must not be moved without the house manager’s permit. The tenant must make sure that the furniture of the flat is in place and in proper condition when the tenant is moving out. 

6 § During the tenancy, the tenant shall take care of the cleanliness and good order of his/her room/flat. The tenant shall also make sure that the shared facilities (saunas, laundry rooms, hallways, storage rooms, yard areas etc.) used by him/her are kept in good order and clean. 

7 § No modifications or repairs must be carried out in the flat without the house manager’s advance consent.
No objects may be fastened to the walls in flats with multiple rooms using a fastening method which is visible afterwards unless this has been agreed upon with the house manager in advance. In some types of housing, there are hanging strips on the wall for fastening objects on the wall.
Fastening of antennae, advertisements or posters requires a permit from the house manager.
The tenant shall report any issues requiring repairs in the room/flat as soon as possible to the maintenance man or house manager.
If the defect, fault or need for repair in the flat is caused by the tenant, the tenant shall compensate the damage inflicted to the real estate.

8 § Things such as skis, bicycles, baby carriages, sledges etc. shall be kept in designated places or stands. Instructions provided by a representative of the real estate must be followed in the parking of cars and other vehicles. Parking is only permitted in designated parking places. Parking on lawns, at the ends of driveways or in front of waste containers is absolutely prohibited. 

9 § Dusting of carpets, bedclothes etc. is permitted on dusting stands and on dusting balconies on weekdays and Saturdays. Dusting on the balconies of flats and hallways is prohibited. Clothes lines must not be placed on the balconies of flats so that the drying clothes are visible to the yard or street. 

10 § Waste must be sorted at the waste point as instructed by the real estate. The tenant shall make large waste, such as Christmas trees, smaller so that it fits into the waste container. 

11 § A representative of the real estate has the right to inspect and repair the flat. The goal is to report any inspections and repairs in advance. 

12 § The external doors are locked throughout the day. A tenant who leaves the external door unlocked is partly liable for potential damage. If a tenant needs to have the door of his/her room/flat opened, the tenant shall immediately pay the valid door opening charge. 

13 § Smoking is prohibited indoors in the flat and in the shared facilities of the house. 

14 § Keeping a pet in the single-room flats and family flats requires a permit. The permit is applied for in writing from the house manager in advance. Pets must not be kept in flats with multiple tenants. 

15 § Energy should be used sparingly and in accordance with the instructions provided by the representatives of the real estate. Excess use of electricity and water will cause pressures to increase the rents. 

16 § At the end of the tenancy, the tenant shall empty and clean the room/flat. The moving-out inspection is carried out after the tenant has given away the key, or if the tenant wishes to be present in the moving-out inspection (this must be agreed separately with the maintenance man!), the tenant shall give the key to the maintenance man in conjunction with the moving-out inspection.

17 § If these regulations are violated or if the tenant turns out to be unsuitable to live in the real estate, the tenant will be given warning, or the tenant may be given notice or the tenancy may be terminated. 

In addition to these regulations, the tenant shall follow the regulations laid down in the Finnish Tenancy Act, regulations of the City of Kotka and regulations laid down in the tenancy agreement as well as separate regulations and instructions provided by the landlord.
The purpose of these regulations is to make the real estate undisturbed and to guarantee everyone peaceful housing and studying. 
Everyone should remember that in student housing
– tenants live more densely than normally 
– tenants move in and out more frequently than normal, and that tenants live under greater pressure than normally because of their studies.

These regulations are followed in the following student houses: Koskisoppi, Arvosoppi, Citysoppi, Keisarinranta and Pooki.

Have a pleasant stay!




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