Tenancy agreement terms

1. Through this tenancy agreement, the Landlord rents a flat/part of flat to the undersigned Tenant for use as student housing. 
Moreover, the Tenant has the right to use the facilities relating to the flat (kitchen, front hall, toilet, bathroom) and other shared facilities of the building within the limitations specified by the Landlord. 

2. The tenancy period will begin on the day stated on the tenancy agreement, and the liability to pay rent will also begin on the same day. The Tenant is entitled to take over the flat when the tenancy period begins; however, so that on a weekend or public holiday, the take-over shall take place on the next weekday. The Tenant is not entitled, without the Landlord’s consent, to surrender the rented flat or a part thereof to a third party or to keep with him/her any persons who do not belong to his/her household. 

3. The amount of rent charged at any given time is confirmed by the Landlord and housing authorities. The rent includes compensation for heating, electricity and water. The Tenant agrees to also pay the other confirmed charges for the real estate, such as ones for the Internet, parking place with heating socket etc. 

4. The Landlord has the right to terminate the tenancy agreement (Paragraph 61 of the Finnish Tenancy Act) if:

    1. the Tenant neglects the payment of the rent within a prescribed or agreed period of time; 
    2. the tenancy is transferred or if possession of the flat or a part thereof is surrendered to a third party; 
    3. the flat is used for purposes other than what has been prescribed by the tenancy agreement or in some other manner contrary to the tenancy agreement; 
    4. the Tenant behaves in a disturbing manner or allows such behaviour in the flat; 
    5. the Tenant does not take good care of the flat; 
    6. the Tenant violates health protection regulations or rules for keeping good order. 

The regulations laid down in items 2 to 6 above also concern, as applicable, the shared facilities and equipment of the flat or building, made available to the Tenant through the tenancy. 

5. If the Tenant has supplied the Landlord with false information on issues concerning his/her right of residence upon applying for housing or if the Tenant supplies such information at a later date or if the Tenant refuses to supply the Landlord with information needed in the verification of his/her right of residence, the Landlord may terminate the tenancy agreement. 

6. The rent and other payments must be paid monthly in advance. The due date for the payment of rent is the 5th day of each month. If the Tenant does not pay the rent and other charges by the due date, an annual interest on arrears in accordance with the Finnish Interest Act shall be paid on the outstanding payments from the due date to the date on which the payment was received. Moreover, collection charges caused by the collection of the rent are charged. 

7. As far as the raising or lowering of the rent is concerned, it has been agreed that the rent is raised or lowered to conform to the amount of rent accepted by the Landlord and appropriate housing authorities at any given time, using a notification procedure required by the Finnish Tenancy Act. The rent adjustment notification shall be delivered to the Tenant in writing no later than two full calendar months before the adjustment of the rent. 

8. The interest on arrears is in accordance with the Finnish Interest Act, including collection charges. 

9. The housing allowance is paid directly to the Landlord. 

10. Notice of termination (in accordance with the Finnish Tenancy Act): 
A tenancy agreement which is valid until further notice shall be in force until either party gives notice of termination at a period of notice prescribed by the Finnish Tenancy Act. Since the rented housing is a student flat, the Landlord will terminate the tenancy agreement once the Tenant’s studies are finished. The notice of termination by either party shall always be given in writing. The period of notice by the Tenant is one calendar month, and the period of notice shall begin on the last day of the current month. In other words, when the Tenant gives notice of termination, the written notice of termination shall be delivered to the Landlord no later than the last day of the month preceding the month of termination. 
A tenancy agreement which has been made for a specific period cannot be terminated. 
The day of moving out is the last day on which the tenancy agreement is valid. 

11. Compensations
The Tenant agrees to follow – and to make sure that his/her guests follow – cleanliness, good order, necessary caution and good manners in all parts of the building and in its area, and to compensate any damage which is caused by him/her or his/her guests. The Tenant shall inform the Landlord immediately of any damage, shortcoming, disappearance or malicious damage detected in the flat, elsewhere in the building or in its area. 
Kotkan Opiskelija-asunnot Oy is only liable to compensate damage which has been caused by the negligence of Kotkan Opiskelija-asunnot Oy. 

12. The Tenant agrees to follow the Landlord’s regulations. 

13. Any disputes arising from this agreement shall be settled by the District Court of the town where the flat is situated. 

14. In other respects, the stipulations of the Finnish Tenancy Act and relevant regulations shall be followed. 

15. This tenancy agreement has been drawn up in two (2) copies, one (1) for the Landlord and one (1) for the Tenant. 



From January 1, 2024, payment notices and collection will be outsourced to OK Perintä Oy, from which one €5 payment reminder will be sent and…