Tenant information

In the winter, housing is rented to students, but in the summer also for others.

Moving in

When you move in, you are given a key to your flat and a moving-in inspection form at the office during its opening hours on weekdays 9.00 to 15.00 
– report your address change and leave the notice to the population register in Internet  www.posti.fi/changeaddress.
– inspect the flat when you move in and return the form immediately to the office, because the moving-out incpection is carried using the same form (moving-in inspection webform)


The rent must be paid by the 5th day of each month. The rent includes electricity, water, and use of sauna, laundry room and gym.

If you have difficulties in paying the rent, let us know accordingly and make an arrangement with Pia Ronnila tel. 044 7355 606.

We charge 5€ in office charges for reminders. The interest on arrears for overdue payments will be invoiced at the end of the tenancy period. The interest on arrears will be charged even though an agreement had been reach on overdue payment.

Banking details

IBAN: FI73 3131 1002 2379 43

Saunas in flats

All flats at Citysoppi and Keisarinranta and family flats at Pooki have saunas in the flats. When heating the sauna at Citysoppi, make sure to provide the flat with replacement air by opening up the replacement air vent in the kitchen window. The heating time of the sauna is essentially prolonged if the flat does not obtain replacement air required by the ventilation system through the kitchen vent, because otherwise the replacement air will be taken through the fresh air vent in the sauna.

Smoke alarms

Each room used for actual dwelling is equipped with a smoke alarm by the landlord. The smoke alarm has a battery which lasts for 10 years, and the landlord changes the battery every 10 years. The tenants must test the alarm at suitable intervals, at least twice a year and whenever moving in. The test button is on the bottom side of the alarm. If no test sound is heard, open the alarm and make sure that the black lever inside the alarm is in position ON. If the alarm does not work after this, you can report a faulty smoke alarm.

Note! Smoke detector must not be removed or transferred to other rooms. If smoke detectors are missing after moving away, list price of smoke detector will be charged even if the tenant later to announce that it has, for example in cleaning closet!

Laundry rooms

The laundry rooms are provided with washing machines, spin dryer, drying drum, mangle and drying room. The machines are modern and easy to use. The use of the machines is included in the rent. You can make a reservation for the use of the laundry room by writing your apartments number to reservation list. The laundry rooms are situated in houses B and D at Koskisoppi, in house C at Arvosoppi, on the ground floor at Citysoppi, in house 2 at Keisarinranta, and on the second floor at Pooki.
Read through the operating instructions of the machines carefully!

Bicycle sheds

The bicycle shed for houses B and C at Koskisoppi is situated between these houses on the back side. Bicycles of house D are stored on the ground floor of house D. Bicycles of houses A and E are stored in the common storage of house E, and bicycles of houses F and G in the common storage of house G. Houses H and I have their own bicycle sheds in the common storages of the houses. At Arvosoppi, the bicycle shed is in houses B and C. At Citysoppi, each staircase has its own bicycle shed on the ground floor. At Pooki the sheds are on the ground floors. At Keisarinranta, there are separate outdoor storage rooms for bicycles in each building.

Storage rooms

The storage rooms situated on the ground floor of the houses are designated to each individual flat (except at Koskisoppi).
At Koskisoppi, the exceptions are storage rooms of house C, which are in house B, storage rooms of house F are in house A and the storage rooms of house I are in house H.
At Koskisoppi inhabitants can take any storage available. In that case inhabitants have to report to office at Kotkan Opiskelija-asunnot Oy, which storage room they use.
At Arvosoppi, the storage rooms are in houses B and C. The storage rooms of house A are arranged so that the storage rooms of flats A1 – 3 are in house B and those of flats A4 – 8 in house C.
At Citysoppi, the storage rooms for staircase A are in the shelters and the rooms for staircase B on the ground floor of staircase B.
The storage rooms of Pooki are situated on the first floor, and there is a limited number of storage rooms for family flats. Pooki also has some rented storage booths – ask for further details from the office.
The storage rooms at Keisarinranta are situated in house 2.

Post boxes

Mark your name visibly on the post box using sufficiently large letters in the designated place. Report a change of address to the post office. Also mark your name on the door of your flat in the designated place.


Parking is permitted in the marked places only. Parking is prohibited on yellow lines, walkways and ends of walkways as well as in front of waste containers. Note that incorrect parking will disturb the emptying of waste containers and prevent snow ploughing in the winter. There is a charge for parking places with car heating sockets: 8 € month. Reservations from the office!

Cooker hood

Most of the flats have a cooker hood above the cooker, not a cooker fan, which is why the cooker hood does no start. The tenants must clean the filter of the cooker hood at least once a year.

Front doors

The front doors of the houses are kept locked throughout the day. The tenants must not leave the door open by the door holder after temporary use.


The gym at Koskisoppi is situated on the ground floor of house F. The key for the gym can be obtained from the office against receipt. Keys has enough for the first 160 applicant.

Table tennis

Table tennis room is situated on the ground floor of house I at Koskisoppi. The key for the table tennis room at Koskisoppi can be obtained from the office against receipt.


Civil defence shelters are situated at Koskisoppi in houses A, B, D and H, at Arvosoppi on the ground floor of house B, at Citysoppi on the ground floor of staircase A. The shelter at Pooki is on the first floor and at Keisarinranta on the ground floor of house 2.

Waste management

The waste sheds of the buildings have specific containers for paper, cardboard and metal. There are no glass collection points. Make sure to sort biological waste into a biowaste bag and waste taken to landfill site (non-decomposing) into other bags.
Bigger waste to landfill, for example, a chair, can be left in the container behind the E-house in Koskisoppi.
You can leave your electronic waste, such as a computer, television, washing machine, microwave, etc.,and hazardous waste, such as batteries, fluorescent lamps on the marked area next to the garage of Koskisoppi behind houses A and E.

In Koskisoppi mixed waste collection is in two places; in the parking area front of house B and between the houses B and H.


Pets can be kept in single-room flats and family flats. Pets kept in the flats require a written permit from the office. The application form is available at the office. The collateral for pets (not for fish tanks) is 150 €. If you have several pets, the collateral for subsequent animals is 50 € per animal.

Notices concerning defects

The tenants must report defects or damage they notice. If this is neglected, the tenant may become liable for damages. 

Notices of defects can be made:
1. through the Internet pages Defect report 
2. by phoning the maintenance man.

When reporting a defect, specify the nature of the defect as accurately as possible, mention about potential pets in the flat, and include your mobile phone number in the notice. Also state if you do not want our maintenance man to go into the flat without your presence.

As indication of the correction of the defect, the other part of the defect report form is left in the flat. 

Always report a defect if:
– the toilet seat, tap or sewer pipe of a sink or washbasin leaks 
– your flat is too cold or hot
– you feel that ventilation does not work properly 
– doors or windows do not close properly
– windows fog up or freeze
– some device or piece of furniture owned by the building is broken 
– the sewer does not drain properly
– the bathroom floor has a hole through which water can run
– your flat has odours which do not belong there 
– you are uncertain about the functioning of a device or matter. 

Emergency on-duty service during evenings and weekends: Pärren Talohuolto tel. 0400 650 560 (24 h). On-duty services take care of those tasks that cannot be postponed to normal working hours without causing a risk or damage. 

Termination of agreement

Notice of termination (PDF)

Notice of termination (webform)

Termination of tenancy agreement must always be made in writing and left at the office. If you wish to terminate your agreement, DO IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE because this may save you money. 

If you wish to terminate an agreement that is valid until further notice, the period of notice is one month. The period of notice begins from the last day of the ongoing month and finishes on the last day of the following month. 

Both tenants in a family flat must sign the notice of termination. 

If you have a tenancy agreement for a fixed term and you wish to move out before the expiry of the agreement, contact the housing office immediately in order to find out whether you can terminate the agreement. If you wish to terminate a tenancy agreement signed for a fixed term at the end of the year, deliver a written notice of termination to the office by 31 October. 

Change of flats

You can change your flat for a justified reason. The main rule in changing flats is that the applicant’s flat, which becomes vacant, remains full (it means that we get a new tenant to the flat – with the exception of summer periods). Late spring and summer are the best seasons for changing flats. The application must be renewed (for a maximum of 3 months at a time).

Moving out

Instruction for moving out 

Follow the instructions for moving out! 

Refunding of collateral

The collateral is refunded within one month from the end of the tenancy agreement, not from the moving date! The collateral is not refunded if you have reserved housing for the next season.
At the end of the tenancy agreement, we will verify unpaid rents and interests on arrears as well as potential unpaid office charges. All these will be charged directly from the collateral! The collateral can also be used for covering final cleaning costs or repair costs if something has been broken in the flat.

Home insurance

The landlord has not taken a personal property insurance for the flats, but the tenants must insure their own movable property if they wish to.

Contact information on maintenance men

Kay Stoerkel, tel. 0500 659 063 or
Marko Tainio, tel. 0500 659 062

If you forget your key...

Maintenance man, house supervisor or security company Kymen Vartiointipalvelu 0400 952 720 will open the door against a door opening charge (contact information on the notice boards). The valid door opening charges are 20€/40€. The charge must be paid immediately and without asking! Prove your identity!
It is also possible to borrow the key of the flat from the housing office during the opening hours.

Door opening

Maintenance man during working hours
Door opening charge 20€
Cash payment!!

Kymen Vartiointipalvelu
Weekdays and weekends
Door opening charge 40€
Cash payment!!


To use the Internet you need only a computer and RJ45 cable (wide 8-pin cable).
Do not connect any modem or another gadget! They will shut the whole web down.

Note! You will need a direct RJ 45 cable (wide 8-pin cable) to connect your computer to the Kotopas network. In other words, a 4-pin cross-pinned RJ 45 cable is not suitable; it is used for connecting a modem. 


The extractor fan of the building is on at all times, but its power is higher at 7.00 – 9.00 and 15.00 – 20.00.
After shower, leave the bathroom door ajar so that moisture evaporates quicker. This also helps to avoid the staining of structures. For this reason, also avoid drying laundry in the flat. If, however, you do this, ensure sufficient ventilation by opening a window and leaving the (bathroom) door ajar.


Generally the apartments are rented unfurnished. There is wardrobe, ceiling lights and blinds in all apartments. To replace lamps / buying them (including cooker, oven and refrigerator) belongs to the tenant.

Tenant information



From January 1, 2024, payment notices and collection will be outsourced to OK Perintä Oy, from which one €5 payment reminder will be sent and…